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New Head Quarters for Zorro’s Zecurity – Angel Dog Diary

The company has grown so much Goldie says that Zorro’s Zecurity need to acquire new locals for the administrative staff. She settled for a new development in the center of Doggy Heaven, near all watering holes and food pantries. It has three large rooms, one is for Goldie, one is for the senior board members and the last room is for the rest. “The staff need to be close to each other in order to cooperate, communicate and exchange ideas,” explained Goldie.

In the basement, there is a gym, a spa, a grooming salon and a gaming arcade. “Young people like to game,” said Goldie, “have to keep them happy.”

I guess Zorro can use the room for the senior board? I know he does not like gaming. I will continue to keep the books from my home den.

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